Link Friday

design on paper

Designing digitally uses a lot more paper than you might expect.

Here are some informative/fun links for your Friday viewing pleasure.

This short blog post on how to read a book in two hours gives lots of practical advice for reading for content. The emphasis on understanding the argument could be useful for teaching undergrads how to get into scholarly reading.

Relatedly, argument mapping could be all kinds of fun and interesting to do in a class.

And speaking of reading, that font is giving me lots of feelings. A good reminder of why design matters.

I always wondered when Americans lost their British accents.

Facebook is hiding things from you, and it makes me wonder how much longer we will feel like a library Facebook page is something we should be doing.

An excellent downloadable To Do List from Char Booth. I typically use quarter sheets of paper as my brain dump of choice. I’m thinking about upgrading to something like this that makes me look a little more organized.

How to politely say no is a lesson we should probably all take. Special shout out to musicians and other creatives who often get asked to work for free.

Crazy beautiful.

This is pretty much how I feel about the tablet market since always, which is why I don’t own one.

What font are you? I’m Courier. Figures.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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